Birthday Parties FAQs


How far in advance should I make my reservation?

We encourage you to make your reservation as soon as you know your preferred date, especially if you are looking at a Saturday, as those times fill up the fastest. Reservations can be made up to 120 days in advance.

How do I know what party times are available?

Our online scheduling system displays all of the party times available by date. If the time you are looking for is not shown online, call us and we may be able to find you a party time that is not available on our online system. We sometimes have additional options at the last minute and groups of 17 or more sometimes need special accommodations.

Is the reservation deposit applied to the price of my party?

Yes, the $50 deposit is applied to the balance due for your party. It is not an additional fee.

If I have to cancel or reschedule, do I lose my deposit?

No, we will gladly apply your deposit to an alternate date for your party. In the unlikely event that you cannot reschedule, we will issue you a gift card equal to the amount of your deposit paid to date.

Can I use a gift card to make the reservation deposit?

Unfortunately, no. We require a cash or credit card payment for the initial event reservation deposit. However, you may use gift cards at the time of final payment when you arrive on your event date.

Guest Count & Guest List

Most of your party packages are described as being "for up to 8 guests". Is that the maximum I can have for a party?

Our packages are designed for the birthday child and 7 party guests for the base price of a party package. If you have fewer than 8 planning to attend, that is OK too, but we will still charge the base price for the party package you selected. The only limit on the number of guests for your party is simply the number of reserved seats we can provide for you.

What if I don't have 8 guests coming?

The base package is for up to 8 child guests, so we cannot reduce the price if you have fewer than eight. You may count any additional adult chaperones attending as party guests in any party package, or you may simply distribute any extra play cards among those guests in attendance.

How many guests should I select on my reservation if I am not sure yet who is able to come?

We will provide reserved seating for the number of guests you reserve in advance and you are agreeing to pay for. Guests in attendance who you are not paying for cannot be guaranteed seating, but are welcome to attend and if need be dine at available open seating. For all dining areas, we have maximum occupancy rules that we must follow that govern this policy.

What if I need to add more guests than I initially planned for?

We understand that your guest count is not always immediately certain at the time you make your reservation. If you find out later that you need to increase your guest count, we will do everything we can to accommodate your request. In some cases it may require more seating than is available and we may choose to relocate your group to another seating area. It is possible however that all adjacent seating is already reserved and we cannot accommodate your request.

For this reason, we always encourage a "best estimate" from you at the time you place your reservation. You are allowed to change your guest count provided you contact us up to 72 hours before your event. Keep in mind however, that our seating areas have maximum occupancy rules we must follow. The only way we can guarantee reserved seating for everyone in your group is for you to reserve for that guest count that you are paying for and do so at the time you place your reservation.

How many guests will your party rooms seat?

We have ten birthday party rooms and they seat 12 to 16 guests per room. Our grand celebration room can accommodate larger groups with seating for up to 150 per group, based on space availability.

What happens if all the people I reserved for can't come?

Guest count numbers can be adjusted lower up to 72 hours before your party. After that time, you will be charged for the number of guests noted in your reservation.

Do you charge for people who only want to come and watch the party?

Every guest that enters our facility will be charged for at least a buffet or as a birthday party guest or one of our Play & Buffet packages. That is our admission rule for all guests at The Amazing Pizza Machine. This includes parents and others who may wish to come and observe the party. Please be sure all party parents understand this and plan accordingly, so there are no misunderstandings the day of your party.

Can I add more people the day of the event?

We may be able to add them to your group's seating area the day of your event. But remember the reserved seating for your party will be set up for the number of guests reserved and confirmed in advance. Because all of our dining rooms and party rooms have maximum occupancy rules, any guests over the room capacity are welcome but may have to dine in a seating area away from your group.

Is the birthday child free or counted as one of the guests?

The birthday child is counted and charged as one of the birthday party package guest count. So a party for 8 should be thought of as designed for "The birthday child plus seven party guests."

What if I want to have a party with two birthday children at the same time?

We can accommodate! You have the option, for an additional fee, to add additional birthday children to your order. For this fee, each additional birthday child is able to spin the birthday wheel and receive one of the birthday gift options as well as receive any other special benefits provided to the birthday child.

Do you charge for children under the age of 3 in your birthday packages?

It depends. For any children under 3 years of age to receive a play card with all of the arcade features like the other party kids, you will need to count them as paid birthday party guests. If you are unsure which is right for those younger children, call us and we can help you decide. If guests under the age of 3 are attending but not part of the paid Party guest count, please let us know so we can work with you to accommodate any high chair or booster chair seating needed.

When do I have to let you know my final guest counts?

To change your guest count, you must call us no later than 72 hours prior to your party date. If you do not call us, we will use the guest count on record for your reservation as your final guest count.

Why do I need to provide a completed guest list when I arrive?

We know that party guests may not arrive at the same time you do to check in with our staff at Party Central. A complete guest list allows us to check in your guests for you and then direct them to your reserved seating. The list also details for whom you are agreeing to pay. If a guest is not on your list, then he or she must pay separately before they can enter.


What options do I have to pick up the birthday invitations?

You may pick them up at the store for free at any time, or we are happy to mail invitations to you for a nominal fee. To ensure timely delivery, we do not mail invitations if it is less than 7 days before your party date.

Online Reservation System

How can I reserve my party if I do not have a credit card or email address?

Without both a credit card and active email address, you will have to come to the store and reserve your party in person. This allows us both the opportunity to take payment for the deposit and to provide you our Party Agreement and Guest List form.

Party Timing & Sequencing

How long is a birthday party?

In general, we suggest that you plan your party to approximately 3 1/2 hours in length. You will have use of your reserved seating area for 2 hours of the party...starting at the time indicated on your reservation. This provides a reasonable time for eating, enjoying dessert and opening any gifts. After your scheduled reserved seating time is over, most parties spend the remainder of the party having fun in the Amazing Arcade. You are welcome to stay in the facility as long as you wish. Some choose to stay for only a set time. Others choose to play all day. Often the type of party package you select guides how long guests choose to stay.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of the timing of events with each party package type, and when to anticipate an end time to your party, please feel free to contact us and we'll talk you through step by step on what to expect.

How long is my reserved seating time? Can I stay longer?

All parties are guaranteed seating in either a party room or large, celebration dining room for the first 2 hours of your party, so plan your party accordingly. Most days we have another party scheduled after yours and so we will need to clean and prepare your table for the next group after 2 hours is up. If however your party is the last party of the day or not on a peak business day, you are welcome to stay longer. Our Party Central staff the day of your event can help guide you on what we have scheduled after your party.

I have already told the guests what time the party would be but you say that time is not available in your room schedule?

Our room seating schedule is what allows us to coordinate multiple parties and events throughout the day. In some cases, our schedule may be booked full at your preferred time. If you don't see a time available online, we encourage you to give us a call. We might be able to make alternate seating arrangements for you.

While most groups choose to eat first and then play, one option you might consider is to book your party so as to play first and go to your party room second. Just remember that in most cases, use of your reserved seating won’t be available for you until the time shown on your reservation.

Where do we put our gifts while everyone is playing in the arcade?

After your reserved seating time is complete, you have the option of renting one of our secure storage lockers. They are next to our Party Central desk or outside Party Room #2, and are available to rent for a very nominal fee. If you prefer you can also transfer gifts out to your vehicles as well.

Birthday Cupcakes & Cake

What flavors of cake do you have?

We currently offer a variety of gourmet cupcakes to choose from. Check online for our current flavor selections and pricing.

Do you have a gluten free cupcake option?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Can I bring in my own cake?

Yes! You are welcome to bring in your own birthday cake. This is the one exception we allow to our "No outside food or drink” policy. We do suggest avoiding cakes with peanuts, due to possible peanut allergy sensitivities among your guests or other guests that day.

Party Décor, Add-On Party Favors, Souvenirs & Extras

What are the Special Gift Options from Cogswell that is included for the Birthday Child?

We strive to provide special gift options to help you match the right gift to the age and interest of the birthday child. Our current options include:

Option 1: Souvenir Gift Basket. Each gift basket includes toys, a special play card wristband, helium balloon, a jumbo birthday card and a stuffed Cogswell souvenir doll to take home.

Option 2: $15 more in Play Points for the birthday child, helium balloon and a jumbo birthday card.

What is included in the standard table setup?

We provide every birthday party with birthday cake plates, napkins and candles for any birthday cake/cupcakes.

What decoration items am I allowed to bring to a party?

Most elements of a birthday party are welcome, but we do not allow silly string, confetti, items that smoke, or items that cause physical damage. We do not permit decorations to be pinned or taped to the walls or room partitions.

What is in the Birthday Goody Bags?

Each is filled with a variety of candy and toys, and the elements in each may change throughout the year. Feel free to stop by Party Central and see a current version for yourself.

Can I buy one of your birthday t-shirts?

Yes. Our color-your-own Birthday T-Shirt is available in a variety of sizes at Party Central. Check online or at our Party Central desk for available sizing and current pricing. We often have other souvenir shirts you may wish to purchase the day of your birthday celebration.

Deals & Discounts

I see from time to time there are special discounts offered when booking my party online. How do I find out about special offers and deals?

Deals and promotional offers change throughout the year, but we always offer our best deals to our VIP Club Members when you book your party online. Check online for current deals and feel free to give us a call should you need to see if you are an active member.

Do military members receive a special discount on birthday reservations?

Our party packages already reflect our best price available. We do not currently offer additional benefits or discounts on birthday parties to our friends in uniform.

The Day of Your Party

How far ahead of the start time for my party should I arrive?

Arrive 15 minutes prior to the time of your reservation to make final payment for your party, turn in your guest list, and create your arcade play cards.

When should I tell my guests to arrive?

Guests should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your reservation time to ensure your party starts on time.

What happens if I lost my confirmation number or confirmation email receipt?

Simply provide us with the last name the party was reserved under and we should be able to recall your reservation in our system.

Will I have a party host assigned to me during the party?

All of our birthday parties are "host your own" events. You and your fellow chaperone parents will guide the event from beginning to end and chaperone the children during your stay with us. But of course, our staff will check on your group during your dining time, so we can tidy up dishes and ensure you have all you need for your birthday celebration. Any questions you have can be answered at this time as well.

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