Nutrition & Allergen Information

As restaurateurs, we are aware many of our guests have specific food allergies or dietary restrictions. So we take our responsibility seriously to listen to your concerns and provide appropriate, reasonable guidance for you and your family about our menu items.

To help you plan your visit and understand in advance what we offer and how we can assist in addressing questions you may have, we’ve prepared this summary of frequently asked questions for you. As you will see mentioned below, our most detailed advice can be provided to you one-on-one by our management team on-site.  Please always feel free to ask for a manager for assistance with your questions or concerns.

Do I need to purchase a buffet admission if I have dietary restrictions?

All guests age 3 and older must purchase either a Buffet or Play & Buffet package for admission to our facility. While you are not required to eat when you visit, we always encourage you to bring your appetite and enjoy the value of all-day unlimited beverages and unlimited buffet dining during our buffet service times.

Do you have nutritional information about your menu items?

The federal government is beginning to phase in new menu labeling and nutrition information guidelines for restaurants. Currently, that standard applies only to chain restaurants with 20 or more restaurant locations. At present, we do not have nutritional information available.  

That said, we do want to be as helpful as we can should you have allergen concerns or ingredient questions. Because our buffet menu changes daily, we always encourage any guest with a sensitivity to one or more ingredients to ask for a manager on duty on the day of your visit. We can then answer any questions you may have about the ingredient content of our items being served that day.

Can you guarantee there will be no cross-contact with specific allergens or ingredient(s) of concern either during preparation or serving?

Unfortunately, no. Our kitchen, buffet, restaurant equipment, and service areas are not isolated environments. For that reason, many of our products contain or may come in contact with common allergens including milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soybeans, wheat, fish, and shellfish.  You should assume that cross-contact is a possibility in the preparation, service, and buffet service of your meal. We must disclaim any liability regarding allergens coming in contact with any food items on our menu.

Do you offer gluten-free pizza or other gluten free items?

Upon request, we can prepare a pizza using a gluten free crust and the toppings of your choice from our current selection. When you arrive and are ready to dine, notify a manager or cashier supervisor and we will make your pizza fresh.

Our buffet menu offers more than just pizza…including salad bar, potatoes, and other items that may fit within your gluten-sensitivity needs.  

Please note our kitchens are not gluten-free environments and so we cannot guarantee you that our kitchen, buffet, or restaurant areas will be completely free of gluten. Additionally, ingredients and toppings may be produced in manufacturing plants that also product products containing gluten. Cross-contact with gluten is a possibility, so use your personal discretion as we cannot guarantee your dining will be 100% gluten free.

What about dairy or lactose allergies? Can you make a pizza without cheese? Is your ice cream dairy free?

Yes, upon request we can prepare a pizza with toppings of your choice and without cheese. Our soft serve machines serve a frozen “ice cream” dessert that is lactose free but may contain other milk products. If you have a milk allergy, ask for a manager when you visit. We are happy to share the product ingredient listing so you can make an informed decision. 

Do you use peanuts in your products?

We do not use peanuts in any recipe we offer. There is a small possibility that peanuts or peanut oil may be an ingredient we purchase to make our menu items.  As a precaution, on the day of your visit, we are happy to review any ingredient labels with you upon request.

Do you use shellfish in your products?

It is possible that shellfish may be served as an item or an ingredient in items we are serving.  In general, these items will be fairly evident…such as shrimp pizza, fried shrimp, seafood salad, or other seafood-themed menu items. But it is always best to ask in advance to be safe.

Because of a medical condition, am I allowed to bring in my own food?

Our general policy is that bringing in outside food or drink into our facility is prohibited. The primary exception we allow is for families to bring birthday cake or cupcakes in for a birthday celebration. This is because we’re a restaurant and want you to enjoy our offerings during your visit. But we’re also subject to health department regulations regarding the sourcing of foods and we could lose our license for violating those rules. And there is the issue of liability that can be upon us, as a business should, that outside food can cause an unintended illness/health concern.

Having said that, we do want to also offer reasonable accommodation to guests with a disability or medical condition who are prohibited from dining with us. Our managers will listen to your request and try to accommodate your request if possible. Keep in mind that all guests still must pay for admission to the facility, so any accommodation does not waive the paid admission requirement to enter our facility.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at:

Amazing Pizza Machine
13955 S Plaza
Omaha, NE 68137