General FAQs

What is The Amazing Pizza Machine? What do you have there to do?

We are a 60,000 square foot, all-indoor buffet restaurant and entertainment center in Omaha, Nebraska. With over 700 seats in four themed dining rooms and 10 party rooms, we are the largest restaurant in Nebraska. Admission includes unlimited dining beverages at The Amazing Buffet during your entire visit and our buffet service hours. Our Amazing Arcade features over 170 of the latest arcade games plus thrill rides, go karts, and attractions including mini bowling and our Amazing Quest laser tag experience.

Where are you located?

We are in the heart of the Millard section of southwest Omaha at 13955 S Plaza on your GPS. Access is easy from all directions including just a 3 minute drive from Interstate 80 at exit 440. Click here to see our location map.

How much does it cost? Is there an admission fee or can you just walk in?

Purchase of a buffet or a buffet & play package is required for all guests age 3 and older. Admission includes unlimited buffet & beverages for the entire day during our buffet service hours that day. Kids 2 and under may enter and eat for free. If you are lucky enough to be 60 or older you can enjoy a $1 discount off our adult buffet price.

Most of our guests visit to both dine at The Amazing Buffet and play in The Amazing Arcade. To play, you’ll either add an a la carte play card to your order or purchase a bundled buffet & play deal at the time of your admission.

Do you have to buy the buffet admission? We already ate and just want to play.

Admission is required for all guests age 3 and older. With how our play packages are designed, we essentially include a buffet for free as part of the package price, so that may be an option to consider. We also have our Play Late specials available for purchase in the latter part of the day when buffet service is concluding for the day.

If I pay my admission can I leave for a few hours and come back the same day?

Yes. Each guest receives a hand stamp when they pay their admission. The stamp is specific to that date. Show your hand stamp when you return and you can be readmitted for that day.

If I buy our admissions online, do I need to have a printout of my order with me or can I just show you the order on my phone?

Our barcode scanners can read your order in either printed form or via a scan from your smartphone.

How long should we plan to stay?

We have guests who visit us for a meal only, or for a meal and a few games before they head back out for the day. Most who visit us seem to plan on a two to three hour visit, so that might be a suggested starting point. We do have families who make an entire day of their visit when they purchase our Ultimate Pack and its all day play features, and choose to stay for both lunch and dinner.

Eat only vs eat and play? Play for a while vs play all day? Really it is all up to you!

What is the minimum age that a child can enter the facility without an adult?

To ensure safety and proper supervision of all our guests, we do require that parents be present to supervise children age 12 and younger during their visit.

Do you have lockers for rent?

Yes. We have a number of lockers, to secure your valuables during your visit, available for daily rental for a very nominal fee.

Do you have a dress code or code of conduct policy?

Yes. As a family friendly destination that wants to be welcoming to all, we do have standards that we uphold and ask of all our guests. Full details can be found here.

The Amazing Buffet

What is on your buffet? Just pizza?

While pizza is our specialty, we offer much more including pastas, salads, soups, bakery breads, baked potatoes, nachos and tacos, desserts and soft serve ice cream. Our feature buffet is available after 5pm weekdays and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

Your buffet admission also includes unlimited Pepsi a soft drinks, teas, coffee, hot chocolate, milk, and slushies for your entire visit.

Nutrition & Allergen Information

Do you have alcohol?

Yes. We offer four beers on tap, 12 beers by the bottle, plus a selection of wine favorites for guests age 21 and older. Alcohol is available for purchase by the glass.

Do you have gluten free pizza? What else do you offer that is gluten free?

Upon request we can prepare a pizza of your choice using our gluten free crust. While we cannot guarantee there will be no cross contact with gluten in our kitchen, we find that many of our guests appreciate this meal option. Once prepared we will place that pizza on our buffet with you having the first chance to select those slices.

Nutrition & Allergen Information

Do you have peanuts on your buffet? What about tree nuts or shellfish?

We do not use peanut products, tree nuts, or shellfish in any of our recipes. Keep in mind that we do allow guests to bring in birthday cakes to their own parties and do not control what ingredients they use…so if you are coming for a birthday party, check with the party parent for that specific information.

Nutrition & Allergen Information

Can I bring in a birthday cake? Your policy says “no outside food or drink”

YES! Bringing a birthday cake or cupcakes to celebrate a birthday is our one exception to our “no outside food or drink allowed" rule. Many ask about bringing in ice cream. We do have soft serve ice cream already on the buffet, so many find that convenient to go with the birthday cake of the day.

Luigi's Libations Alcohol Services Policies

We I.D. Everyone

To ensure we serve responsibly, all guests planning to purchase alcohol must present proper identification to prove you are 21-years-old or older. We hope you enjoy always looking 21 in our eyes!

Wristbands Required

Once we have verified your age, our staff must apply our I.D. wristband to your wrist. You must wear this wristband at all times when purchasing and consuming alcohol during your visit with us.

Only For You

To ensure that only those of proper age possess alcohol, we can only sell you one drink at a time. You may purchase alcohol for another person as well as yourself, but they must be present at the time of payment so we may verify they also have a proper wristband.

No Alcohol in the Arcade

Please enjoy your beverages in our designated dining rooms. We do not allow any food or beverages in the Amazing Arcade.

No Alcohol in the Cartoonery

The Cartoonery is our designated alcohol-free dining room. Adults can enjoy their beer and wine in our three other dining rooms: Luigi's Cafe, Johnny Sprockets and the Fan Factory.

Last Call

Our bar service times generally follow our buffet service times but may vary throughout the year. 

To help you best plan your visit and beverage choices with us, our "last call" for alcohol will be:
 - Sunday – Thursday - 8:30 PM
 - Friday – Saturday - 10:00 PM

The Amazing Arcade

How much does it cost to play a game? What is a play point?

All of our games and rides utilize our arcade card system. The easiest way to play is to load your card with our fun money called PlayPoints…4 points for $1. Think of Points as electronic tokens. Games generally cost 2 to 6 PlayPoints to play and rides vary from 12 to 20 PlayPoints to ride.

With our Play Pack deals we also can offer “timed play” that instead of using PlayPoints allows unlimited play of certain features for a specified time such as 90 minutes in our RiViT Pack or all day long with our Ultimate Pack.

How do you use the arcade card to play games?

The arcade system is super simple to understand. Each play card has a bar code and each game or ride has a barcode scanner. To play you swipe your card and touch the lighted button to begin play. We’ve created a help video to show you visually just how easy it is. Click here to view.

It looks like you have over 170 games to play but they sometimes have different names or categories. What is the difference between an arcade game, video game, ticket game, token game, and a prize game?

Great question. Think of all of them as Arcade Games. We then divide each game type into categories so we can offer different Buffet & Play deals and special offers to help fit various interests and price points. Each game is marked with a color coded sticker to help you identify what type of game it is. Here is how these break down and their sticker color code:

  • Video Games  – The games you play for the fun of playing. They do not award a ticket or a prize at then end of play.
  • Ticket Games  – Our skill based games that award your performance on the game with e-tickets you can later use to shop for prizes at our Prize Central store.
  • Token Games – Those games where you physically use a token to play the game to win tickets to later shop for prizes.
  • Prize Games  – Games that award a physical prize or merchandise at the end of play, such as our crane games or our photo booth stations.
What are e-Tickets? Why isn’t the ticket game dispensing paper tickets?

Our system electronically awards tickets you win playing a skill game. We call them e-tickets. This helps us be more environmentally friendly and also saves you time as a guest having to feed tickets into a ticket counter before you can shop for prizes. When you win tickets, you can watch the display on the game card reader and see the tickets being added to your card

How does timed play work on a card? Does it start immediately once we pay?

Timed play is enabled on your card when your card is activated that day… but time does not start counting down on your card until you swipe your card in a card reader to play or ride for the first time. Once you swipe and play, time counts down continuously…there is no “pause” button. So if you have a card like our RiViT Pack with 90 minutes of play, you should plan to eat before or after your arcade time so you can enjoy maximum play time in the arcade.

Timed play features expire at the end of the business day that your card was loaded, so be sure to maximize your timed play the day you visit. Any PlayPoints or prize tickets on your card that you do not use that day do not expire and will remain on your card for your next visit.

Why does my card say PLEASE WAIT when I swipe it in a card reader?

Timed play cards include a feature that locks out use of the card again for an estimated duration of time that it takes to play a game or ride a ride. For games, that time is much shorter than if used on a ride or go kart.

Can timed play cards be shared?

Our arcade system is designed for timed play to be assigned and used by each individual guest and not to be shared. If you attempt to share cards, you will experience lock out features and delays between uses that do not happen when each guest has their own card.

How tall or old do you have to be to go on rides or drive go karts?

Each of our major thrill rides has its own safety rules determined by the manufacturer. Most are height based restrictions. To drive a passenger on go karts is the only age minimum we have. To see details on each ride rule, click here.

If you buy a timed play package deal, when does the timer start?

Timed play does not activate and start counting down on a card until you play your first game or ride. But once you do, that timer will run continuously. If your card has an “all-day unlimited” feature the start time is less important. But if you have a limited time play feature on your card, such as 90 minutes of play with our RiViT Pack, you’ll want to plan your visit to perhaps dine before or after your arcade play in order to maximize the value of your arcade fun.

What happens if we don’t use our arcade card or use up all of its features the day we visit? Do arcade cards expire?

Timed play is the only feature that expires on a card at the end of the day…regardless of use. All other balances on your card’s account including PlayPoints, e-tickets for prizes, and any single play ride or laser tag entitlements will not expire and will be available for use on a future visit.

What if I want to add to my arcade card after our admission?

PlayPoints can be added to your arcade card at any time during your visit with either the assistance of a cashier or via one of our six self-service kiosks located throughout the Amazing Arcade. Games of laser tag can be purchased either at our main lobby cashier desk or at the laser tag check in desk in the Arcade.

Do you have anything for… 2 year olds?

Absolutely. We make certain to offer games, rides, and attractions for everyone in your family or group. Our youngest guests can play in our BusyWorks section of the arcade where most of the 20 arcade games are wee kid friendly in size. It is where we offer our tea cup, carousel, and train kiddie rides.

How do you sign up to play laser tag?

You can pre-purchase a game of laser tag play or you may add it to your arcade card at any time during your visit. We run a schedule for each day’s games. Check in with our laser tag mission desk to check for the next available game time and reserve your spot.

Groups & Specials

Do you have discounts for groups? How many do we need to have to get group rate pricing?

Group rate pricing is available for groups of 10 or more who purchase one of our available group rate package deals. To ensure reserved seating on the day of your visit, we ask that you book at least 48 hours in advance and make a small reservation deposit with a credit card. Note that the deposit is not an extra fee… rather it is a prepayment that will be applied to your group event balance due the day of your visit.

We often can also help you with any last minute group outing needs as well…especially when you have an outdoor event planned and mother nature gets in the way. Call us to see what seating and group rate deals are available that day.

Do you have any specials, deals, or coupons?

We love offering deals throughout the year. Information about our current limited time specials can be found on our SPECIALS page here. Plus we always offer discounts for buying your admission tickets online in advance…AND if you join our free Amazing VIP Club, you can buy online and save even more. To join today, click here.

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