Amazing VIP Club FAQs

What is the Amazing VIP Club? What benefits will I receive?

The Amazing VIP Club is our all-new loyalty club program. By becoming a member, you will enjoy:

  • Always the BEST DISCOUNTS & DEALS when you buy your admission tickets online
  • SAVE $30 when you book a birthday party online for a Saturday or Sunday
  • SAVE $50 when you book a birthday party online for a Monday-Friday
  • 4x a year members-only special deals
  • First notice about new games, specials and events
  • Birthday card for each child in your account with special gifts during you child’s birthday month (Enroll before the 1st day of the birthday month to receive a birthday card)
Who is eligible to enroll?

Membership is open to anyone age 13 and older with a valid email address. Parents who add information about their children to their account will enable us to send a personalized birthday greeting postcard to their enrolled children as well.

Is there a cost to join the Amazing VIP Club?

Nope! Membership is completely FREE.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment is fast and easy. Simply go to our website and click the link titled “VIP CLUB MEMBER”. From there follow the simple enrollment steps to create your username and password that will allow you to instantly access online discount savings.

How soon can I start enjoying the benefits of membership?

Almost instantly! As soon as you enroll online, you can login as a member and access the member discount page. From the discount page, you can access the members-only deals for both birthday party reservations and for double discounts on advance admission play packages.

Our enrollment system will also send you a confirmation email within 24 hours of registering. Your email will immediately be added to our database to be able to send you information on specials, deals, and members-only opportunities throughout the year.

How do I get my discount applied to my order or party reservation? Don’t I need a Promo Code?

All member benefit discounts are accessible to you simply by logging in as a member and clicking on the corresponding discount icon on your member profile. There may be additional times throughout the year that we send special discounts to you via email.

Always remember, you must first login to your member page and then click the discount icon to unlock your access to members-only pricing.

Can I just walk in on the day of my visit and get the member discount?

To make our system fast and accessible 24 hours a day, and to protect the privacy of your personal information, guest services cashiers at our store do not have access to your account. All discounts and deals are always, and in most cases, only available to you via the member profile page once you login and shop online.

How can I check to see if I am a VIP Club member?

Guests can now login and update information 100% online at any time. If a guest is an active, enrolled member, the system will allow the login to go through. If a guest is not, or can’t remember their password, the online system will assist with resetting the password or completing registration.

What do I do if I wish to cancel my membership?

Should you wish to cancel your membership, please contact us via email or by calling us at 402.829.1777.

How do I get assistance if I am having trouble signing up online?

We are happy to help resolve any issue you may be having. Simply contact us for assistance.

Will you share my profile information with other companies?

We only use your information to send you a variety of promotional materials about The Amazing Pizza Machine including newsletters and special offers. Our Privacy Policy provides greater information about the protection of your information and our procedures.

Updated one year ago